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The Capital Region Archery Club is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and growth of archery as a sport in a safe environment.

Following Archery AB and Archery Canada processes, we are now using an online format for new membership & renewal registrations.
IMPORTANT: A password is required to enter a new or renew online registration, so it is necessary for members to do this on-site with our Membership coordinator at the designated dates in our calendar.   Door key cards will be set/updated at this time as well.






Are you interested in joining our club?

Please read below and visit our Membership page and Calendar for more information.



Location and Mailing Address

5618 - 76 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB T6B 0A6

Telephone: (780) 450-6041

As a volunteer-run club, we unfortunately cannot offer office hours.

Please check our Calendar for specific drop-in classes dates.

GROUP PRIVATE events can be booked on Sundays. Please check our corresponding page for more info.

Our program winter and fall classes are for MEMBERS-ONLY and registrations for them happen during our open houses in January and September. Please visit our membership page for more info.




Current guidelines

Masking is at the member's discretion.

A member archer may bring a guest archer if they are 10 years of age or older. There is a $10 fee for shooting guests and the member need to sign the corresponding book in the entrance room. Place $10 in an envelop from the book, write the club member's name, guest's name and date on the front and place it in the mail slot next to the office door by the stairs.

If a member brings a guest to the club for archery, the member is responsible for the guest, this includes the selection and use of club equipment if needed plus shooting conduct. If the guest has not done archery before, the member is responsible to show them how to use the equipment properly, safely and follow the range rules.



Are you ready to join our club?

Please visit our Membership page for more information.



Find out more on our About Us page.



For latest announcements to members please check your email and/or our Facebook Group at