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Range Rules


Please check the front page for present changes and restrictions due to Covid-19.

Capital Region Archery Club Range Rules

  •  PROHIBITED: wooden arrows, broadheads, crossbows and targets that may leave inappropriate debris or hard objects in the butts.

  •  To Ensure the Safety of Yourself and Others:

    • ▪  Personal equipment to be inspected by a qualified member or coach upon initial use at club.

    • ▪  Always check club and personal equipment prior to use.

    • ▪  Never use damaged equipment.

    • ▪  Only shoot from the shooting line.

    • ▪  Only retrieve arrows when the “ALL CLEAR” has been given.

    • ▪  Never dry fire or overdraw a bow.

    • ▪  No running or horseplay.

    • ▪  Footwear that covers the entire foot is required on the range.

    • ▪  No impairment from drugs / alcohol allowed in the facility.

  •  Please Respect Other Archers by:

    • ▪  Only shoot 3 arrows per end with the exception of traditional archers.

    • ▪  Only use targets that are appropriate for archery.

    • ▪  Please refrain from using profanity, cell phones, music without ear buds.

    • ▪  Please remove targets and return club equipment to the proper location when finished shooting for the day.

    • ▪  Respect others equipment, do not touch without prior consent.

  •  Please leave coaching to the coaches unless otherwise directed.

  •  Three (3) One (see top notice) Visitor maximum per member, otherwise a Private Booking is required.

  •  Children under the age of 14 cannot be left alone without the supervision of a parent or guardian.

  •  Please leave the range neat and clean, remember this is everyone’s club.

  •  Last one to leave ensure that lights and fans are off and the door is closed and locked behind you when you leave.

  •  Report any unsafe use of the range or equipment to the club executive or range officials. Appropriate action may be taken by the executive.


Range Rules