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Please check the front page for present changes and restrictions due to Covid-19.


The Capital Region Archery Club is proud to offer to its members and the general public several different programs geared towards promoting archery as a sport and to helping archers from absolute beginners to intermediate to high performance athletes achieve their archery goals. Whether you’re new to archery, a long-time recreational archer or you’re looking to compete at a major national or international tournament, we have a program for you.

Some of our programs here at the club include:

  • Regular fall/winter classes;
  • Junior programming;
  • High Performance training;
  • Kyudo; and 
  • Group booking and public drop-ins.

Periodically, we will also hold special workshops and coaching courses to assist athletes and coaches with their development.

Please feel free to come by the Club during class times to speak to a coach to see which program is best suited for you.