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Please check the front page for present changes and restrictions due to Covid-19.


The Capital Region Archery Club has a long-standing tradition of excellence in its education programs with classes offered to beginner and intermediate archers several times a week.

Classes are offered as a FREE service to members. Information on membership can be found here.

All of our coaches are unpaid, dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours helping individuals with obtaining and improving their archery skills.  Each coach is screened and undergoes a background check, including a Vulnerable Sector Police Information Check. All of our coaches have been trained through the Coaching Association of Canada's (C.A.C.) National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and have Emergency Level First Aid Certification.

Beginner Classes

The Beginner's classes at the Capital Region Archery Club, for ages 10 and older, focus on establishing a solid foundation on which the new archer can begin to build their knowledge and skills.  Running from October to the end of March, participants will be guided through technical knowledge and practical skills in the following areas:

  • Safety and range etiquette;
  • Proper warm-up and cool down techniques;
  • Determine the participant's eye dominance;
  • Learn how to identify the parts of different types of archery equipment;
  • 10 steps of the shot sequence;
  • Establishing the best shooting stance for each participant;
  • Learning the correct bow hand position;
  • Learning the correct draw and anchor technique;
  • Learning how to aim;
  • Learning how to release and get good follow-through; and 
  • Scoring on different types of targets (target faces; field faces; and 3D).

Intermediate Classes

The Capital Region Archery Club is currently revising its intermediate archery program and will post more information when program revisions are finalized.