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Literally translated as "way of the bow," Kyudo is the Japanese form of archery.  Once considered a tool of survival, the Japanese bow or yumi was used for hunting, warfare, ceremonies and displays of skill.  Kyudo evolved from the Japanese martial art kyujutusu, once considered the highest form of discipline among the Samurai of feudal Japan.

There is no consensus on when the discipline came to be called Kyudo but it is largely accepted that it wasn't till the late 19th Century that it became focused solely on individual practice.  No longer used as a weapon, the yumi is used as a tool in the pursuit of spiritual and physical development.

Since 2007, the Capital Region Archery Club has fostered the promotion and practice of Kyudo through annual introductory courses called "Beginners' Intensives" and by providing club members and the general public to come together for fellowship and practice.

We practice every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9pm (please check calendar to confirm a date), and encourage anyone who wants to observe and ask questions to come as well. We welcome and teach beginners all year round. Non members can drop-in for a maximum of five sessions.